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Sumatran Mandheling G1 (Indonesia)

Price: from $15.00

 Subtle exotic flavours of sweet spice such as cinnamon and herbs.
Smooth low acidity coffee, great with milk.

Origin: Indonesia

Producer: Mixed

Region: Aceh

Varietal: Catimor and Typia

Altitude: 750-1530m above sea level.

Processing: Wet hulled

HISTORY: Coffee production in Sumatra began in the18th century under colonial domination, introduced first to the northern region of Aceh around Lake Tawar Lake. Most coffee is produced around the Lake Toba region, in the subregions of Lintong Nihuta,Sumbul, and the aforementioned Takengon. But Sumatrans are not often sold by region, becausepresumably the regional differences are not that distinct. Rather, the quality of the picking, preparation and processing of the coffee determines much of the cup character in this coffee. In fact, Sumtrans are sold as Mandheling, which is simply the Indonesian ethnic group that is most involved in coffee production!



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