About Slow/manual/filter brewing (Part 2)

Chemix slow brew coffee method next to two cups.

Continuing on from our manual guide blog couple of posts ago, we will be writing about the different popular manual methods which can easily become a part of your morning coffee routine. Too busy in the morning? Too lazy to do anything complicated? All good! There’s a device for everyone!

Introducing CHEMEX

(pronounced ke-mix)

A German chemist and inventor Peter J. Schlumbohn created the Chemex in 1842 amongst hundreds of other inventions. He first introduced Chemex at the New York Fair in 1939 and 2 years later he established a corporation to commercially manufacture the product. His education earning him a PhD in chemistry at the University of Berlin influenced his design resembling a laboratory apparatus. It was acknowledged by the Museum of Modern Arts in 1942.

This device hold the paper filter in the top half of the carafe and the water is passed through the bed of coffee sitting in the paper filter, this a the pour over method. Chemex has It’s original paper filters which is used by folding a big circular shape into a cone shape. These papers are little but thicker than other brands which allow the papers to suspend the oil more giving you a much more smoother cleaner finish.

It’s functional yet beautiful to have on your kitchen counter.

Introducing KALITA WAVE

Kalita Co. from Japan has been producing coffee equipment since the 1950’s focusing on manual brewing devices. Kalita wave is one of the companies new designs of the pour over method which was introduced in 2010. With a flat bottom with 3 small holes and with it’s wavy design, it allows the coffee to sit in the dripper for a certain period of time resulting in an even extraction. It wavy filters allow less contact with coffee and paper which helps to retain the flavors.

To be continued…