About Slow/manual/filter brewing (Part 3)

We have been writing up about different types of manual brewing, a great way to start brewing delicious coffee at the comfort of your home. There’s something relaxing about watching, smelling the beautiful aroma from a freshly roasted and freshly grind coffee and most importantly the time in which you enjoy this fresh brew… Here is our last post ( for the meantime!) on manual brewing, hopefully it’s given you enough info for you to choose a method and try it yourself!

Introducing HARIO V60

Japan IL CANA Dripper slow brew. Another hugely popular pour over device from Hario Japan. Hario was originally manufacturer for heat proof glass products dating back as 1921. Their V60 design took them over 25 years to come with it’s final design after many attempts. The idea began when the Japanese market was dominated by the trapezoid shaped drippers. Group of designers from Hario believed that a parabolic shaped would achieve a better cleaner taste, allowing the water to pass through opposed to steeping them. The Key feature of their final design is that it allows the water to flow naturally and this was created with the spiral ribbing. V60 is available in ceramic, glass, plastic and metal (copper).

Introducing AEROPRESS

Engineer Alan Adler invented this device because he wanted less bitterness in his coffee. He realized that shortening the brew time would help him achieve this result. This is where a closed chamber design comes a key feature, this requires more pressure to pass through at a quicker pace. Made from polycarbonate with no BPA’s or phthalates it’s popularity skyrocketed globally and it now has it’s own championship every year (World Aeropress Championship) to challenge baristas to make the best brew with their unique methods. It’s compact, easy to clean and portable design is a big selling point for wide range of users. In the office, camping, at home, you can enjoy a coffee out of an Aeropress literally anywhere you go. They have introduced Aeropress GO recently which is an even more compact version of the first one. If you’re looking for something to brew a cup at a time with ease this device will do just the job without costing you an arm and a leg.
So here it is, I hope you enjoyed all three posts about different equipment, you’ll find heaps of great links on Youtube too. How will choose your perfect morning routine from now on?.. Happy Brewing!