And the winner is…….Ronan Fraser!! AEROPRESS GO!

Aeropress GO contents and Arks roasted coffee.

Big Conguratulations to Ronan Fraser for winning our Aeropress Go Campaign!!

It was such a delight to hear how happy Ronan was, so happy that the first thing he did was to send me a photo of him holding his old plunger over his recycling bin! ( not that there’s anything wrong with plungers!! )

Ronan has already taken his new device with him on his trails and here is some amazing photos which he was kind enough to share with us.

Take a look at this!

“Hi Ulala,
Yes the aeropress and beans did arrive!
Over the weekend me and friends went on an overnight hike in Arthur’s pass and I took the aeropress and some of your ground beans. It worked an absolute treat! The press worked super well and the beans were delicious!
Thank you guys so much!
I have attached some pictures of me and some pictures from the hike!
Thanks again,”