Assumtion about Filter coffee being old and stale…. True or false?

Ark coffee freshly brewed.

True. But we’re talking decades ago when franchise chains like the American diners had often served cheap bottomless filter coffee which would sit in the heated hot plates for hours on end ( perhaps some places still do….)

And often places like these would only have very average quality coffee anyway.

So the combination of the two equals a very stale and burnt, unpleasant taste. A shock to the system for those who are use to their freshly made long blacks, creamy flat white and lattes, Can’t really blame them.

But, things have changed! Now a days better quality coffee is readily available from local coffee roasters and if there isn’t one near you you’re sure to find one online. Especially those who specialise in “Specialty Coffee Grade”. These top notch refined flavours have given the world of coffee a bigger dimension.  Just like a fine wine experience.

In fact you will benefit from easy simple filter coffee brewing at home to enjoy these taste and what’s better, it’s freshly brewed when you want one.

Health benefits are another bonus to drinking black filter coffees.

2-3 cups a day will do good for your health and scientific evidence has shown that it will reduce your risks of many heart related problems! It’s a win win!!

If you’re not too confident in getting started with home brewing, give us a shout and we’re always here to give you all the tips you need to master the fun of brewing at home. It’s so much easier that people assume.