Coffee like no other.

Ark Coffee sign outside store.
When I travel, I love to discover and explore what makes that place unique. That is why I love to hang where locals spend their time; I go to shops and restaurants loved by the community, often, I find great stores tucked away from the main streets, as I have discovered.  It gives me a great sense of what that place has to offer. 
Our roastery is situated in the least expected of all places—down the arcade between the french bakery and barber hidden in the backstreets of Takapuna. 
As you step into our store, you’ll find a grande handsome-looking Probat L25 standing in the middle of the room. 
It’s all about the coffee experience, and we accompany our freshly roasted beans with onsite baking (cakes are a must!!) and coffee equipment to encourage better home brewing. 
Available only on Thursdays to experience the authentic taste of our
comfort food. 
There is a limit to availability, so booking in advance is recommended.

Carefully Handcrafted Specialty Coffee.

There is coffee, and there is good quality coffee.
We are proud and privileged to explore, roast, and deliver excellent coffees from many coffee-producing countries. 
We work closely with green bean buyers based here in NZ, and together we strive to bring the finest coffees we can find every year. 
The complexity in flavor and aroma from such high quality is unique in from bean to bean and gives a whole new dimension to our coffee experience. 
At ARK, we work with those who share the same values when it comes down to the qualities of coffee from the grower to consumer, not to mention the greater enjoyment you gain from such experience.
This chain of people who create an extraordinary experience to something widely known as commodity defines our purpose, gives us enthusiasm and a reason to strive. 
Freshly roasted coffee beans.

Delivered Fresh to Your Home.

We want to make your coffee time is a better one. one which is worth taking the time for.

All of Ark’s beans are ethically produced by a handful of exceptional growers. This translates into confidence and pride in every cup and a love for ARK coffee across New Zealand.

ARK’s philosophy is a simple one:

” Great coffee come from the heart.”

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