Quality local coffee by Ark.

Coffee like no other.

Ark Coffee sign outside store.

Our roastery is situated in the heart of Takapuna on the North Shore.

As you step into our store you’ll find a grande handsome looking Probat L25 standing in the middle of the room to welcome our customers and beautiful artworks displayed throughout the roastery, creates a real warmth and a real sense of comfort and peacefulness.

On site not only do we sell retail bags of our freshly roasted seasonal coffees beans (blend and single origins)  We’re a small team of friendly baristas brewing coffee in many methods and we also serve few carefully handmade delicious baking goods that adds bonus to your coffee experience.

You’ll find many variety of brewing equipment for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home and we are always happy to help and guide our customers for finding the best choice to suit their lifestyle.

Carefully Handcrafted Specialty Coffee.

Ark Coffee Company was established in 2012 by two sisters, Naomi and Ulala with a very simple yet very passionate goal in mind..

To share quality focused coffees with people throughout New Zealand for a better quality of life.

Great coffee comes in many different distinct flavours and that, is an experience, a journey we love to discover ourselves. The time to sip away and appreciate such great produce and the stories behind each one of them is a great value to us.

Freshly roasted coffee beans.
Ark coffee roasted bean bags.

Delivered Fresh to Your Home.

We want to make your coffee time is a better one. one which is worth taking the time for.

All of Ark’s beans are ethically produced by a handful of exceptional growers. This translates into confidence and pride in every cup and a love for ARK coffee across New Zealand.

ARK’s philosophy is a simple one:

” Great coffee come from the heart.”

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