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About Slow/manual/filter brewing (Part 3)

We have been writing up about different types of manual brewing, a great way to start brewing delicious coffee at the comfort of your home. There’s something relaxing about watching, smelling the beautiful aroma from a freshly roasted and freshly grind coffee and most importantly the time in which you enjoy this fresh brew… Here […]

About Slow/manual/filter brewing (Part 2)

Chemix slow brew coffee method next to two cups.

Continuing on from our manual guide blog couple of posts ago, we will be writing about the different popular manual methods which can easily become a part of your morning coffee routine. Too busy in the morning? Too lazy to do anything complicated? All good! There’s a device for everyone! Introducing CHEMEX (pronounced ke-mix) A […]

Assumtion about Filter coffee being old and stale…. True or false?

Ark coffee freshly brewed.

True. But we’re talking decades ago when franchise chains like the American diners had often served cheap bottomless filter coffee which would sit in the heated hot plates for hours on end ( perhaps some places still do….) And often places like these would only have very average quality coffee anyway. So the combination of […]