Freshness comes first.

Filtered coffee by Ark.

Wether you’re new to coffee or you’ve been drinking it for as long as you can remember, nothing beats a freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed one. Try to hold onto grinding the beans until just before the very moment you pour that hot water over it. Not only will it taste better but,  you can enjoy that better taste for longer period of time!


We encourage everyone to try and buy their beans from coffee roasters opposed to supermarket range. Most roasters will kindly tell you when they roasted their beans ( more frequent than the ones you see in supermarkets!) and that way you’ll know how fresh beans are when you purchase them.

Try not to buy any more than a 2-3 weeks worth of beans and have good rotation on your shelf.

If you’re paying the same price you might as well enjoy it at it’s optimum taste, you deserve it!

Here is a cool video we did for out customers on how easy delicious home brewing can be!