Bats’ il Maya – Mexico


Grapefruit, grapes, sweet dark chocolate finish

Origin: Mexico

Producer: Cooperative T’s umbal. 300 families

Region: Chilón/Sitala, Chiapas

Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Oro Azteca, Garnica

Altitude: 900-1250 a.s.l

Processing: 90% Washed, 10% Honey/Natural

Bats’il Maya is a micro-industry that began in September 1993 in Chilón, Chiapas,
México as a response to the marginalization suffered by the Ts’eltal indigenous
communities. Coffee producers are organized into the Ts’umbal Cooperative,
which started its activities in 2001 and brought together 12 communities.
This project aims to strengthen agricultural livelihoods, promote ago-ecology and
boost the Ts’eltal economy.
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