la Totoba – Costa Rica


Brilliant Clarity, zesty lime, cranberry, honey.

Origin: Costa Rica

Producer: Don Senel Campos Velverde

Region: San Jerónimo, Brunca

Varietal: Red Catuaí

Altitude: 1,500 – 1,900 a.s.l

Processing: Triple washed with yeast. Raised bed dried

Micro beneficio Don Senel – La Tobaba
The producers that made this coffee happen are the Campos family, and the farm is run by Senel Campos. In 2014, the Campos family made the decision to venture into specialty coffee after receiving poor returns through the third-party commodity mill they were working with. This is a common issue in the coffee industry and is part of the reason why there is a pricing crisis. Senel Campos decided to process a small amount of carefully grown coffee (about 3 quintals, or,300 lbs~) from Finca La Toboba. Their plant cultivation and picking was done with care and intentionality, deviating from the standard processes of commodity coffee cultivation. The mechanical processing was completed with some real ingenuity.
Senel Campos retro kitted a depulper with the motor of a washing machine, and that is what processed this first, experimental harvest of Finca La Toboba. The result of time, innovation, and ingenuity in the face of many obstacles was a incredible improvement in the quality produced reaching to the higher levels within the specialty coffee grade.
What is Yeast Fermentation?
This is the definition and explanation as given from the producers. Yeast creates an enzymatic reaction with the Catuai varietal, modifying the standard Catuai flavors to create a much more floral and aromatic coffee than the standard representation of a Catuai. The Campos family says they have not found these florals anywhere else on the farm, and that the combination of yeast and Catuai specifically is what brings these flavors out.
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