Santa Rita – Brazil


Juicy and super sweet notes of plum, nectarine and navel orange.

Origin : Brazil

Region: Cerrao De Minas

Varietal: Red Catuaa IAC99

Altitude: 960m above sea level.

Processing: Natural

History: Coffee has been present in Filomena Estefânia life since her childhood. Her father Mr. Francisco Mattos was a great coffee producer in Brazil and passed on that passion to his children. In 1980, together with her brothers, they acquired Fazenda Riacho in Patrocínio city, which in 2007 passed through a division of properties among the heirs and became Fazenda Santa Rita. “At the beginning we started from scratch, we didn’t expect to grow so much and with a lot of work we got to where we are today, a situation we are very proud of” says Filomena. Today her daughter Maria Thereza also runs the farm.
Sustainability: Sustainability is an important practice at Fazenda Santa Rita, which is Rainforest Alliance (IMA-G-000312) and UTZ (1000003251) certified.


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