The art of roasting coffee in Takapuna

Ark Coffee Company was established in 2012 by two sisters, Naomi and Ulala with a very simple yet very passionate goal in mind. To share quality focused coffees with people throughout
New Zealand for a better quality of life.

Ulala – Director, Coffee Roaster

Everyday for most of my life this last decade I’ve been roasting, making, serving coffee representing some of the finest specialty coffees we are privileged to get the hands on. Given the opportunities to fully engage in the whole chain from Origin to consumers has changed my perception on coffee entirely from “just a coffee” to an experience.

Today, my inspiration comes from the joy in the smallest things in life. To be able to hear my customers say “ See you tomorrow!”
is the biggest reward for my dedication.

My hope is that through our coffee, we are able to bring a small happiness and a comforting moment to our customers every day lives.