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Filtropa #4 paperfilters

Filtropa #4 paperfilters

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For use with brands such as BonaVita, Kelita, Hario, Tiamo, Clever & other V Shape drippers.

Filtropa Paper Filters #4 - 100pk are made in the Netherlands and are specially engineered to deliver the perfect cup of coffee. The 100% cellulose paper is oxygen and chlorine-free, which means that it leaves no taste or smell. 

The paper has a high-density weave that allows for maximum filterability while keeping your coffee grounds separate from your drink. The #4 filters are compatible with medium to large pour-over devices like Moccamaster, Wilfa, Hario Kalita, Melitta, BonaVita, Tiamo, Clever and Kinto, as well as several Automatic Brewers.

Filtropa Filters are made from a specially formulated compound of wood pulp and cellulose fibres. This unique blend was developed by Filtropa to provide the most efficient filtration without the use of any bonding agents. Due to its special manufacturing process, the paper does not leave any taste or smell in your coffee or tea.


No Smell or Taste – Designed to be as pure and not impact the flavour of the coffee.

TCF Bleached – Total Chlorine-free, oxygen bleaching.

Fits Most V-Shape Brewers – Ready to use with a fold of the outer edge.

FSC Approved – A certification program used as a transnational environmental policy for sustainable products.

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